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providing rigorous, in-depth news and investigations journalism about Minnesota jails and prison.


Are you surprised to learn that Minnesota has the highest incarceration rates for Native Americans in the US? Or that the Minnesotan prison population is majority people of color?  Did you know that inmates make $.25 an hour to build common everyday items like chairs for libraries? 

The Incarcerated provides Minnesotans with rigorous,  in-depth news and investigations journalism about jails, prison, and the profit made in between.

The Incarcerated is led by Minneapolis-based formerly incarcerated investigative journalist Filiberto Nolasco Gomez. 

“Ezekiel “Zeke” Caligiuri remembers learning that inmate labor built St. Cloud Correctional Facility. Upon that discovery, he began seeing the walls of his cell in a different hue. Zeke observed that he “lived in a space that had been lived in for 100 years.” He grappled with the sobering reality that countless men before him had labored to sustain their own confinement and would continue to do so long after he was gone.” 

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We can’t talk about Low wage workers  without centering inmate labor.


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